TFortis PSW-2G4F-Ex

TFortis PSW-2G4F-Ex

TFortis PSW-2G4F-Ex – a series of managed switches designed to organize video surveillance in hazardous areas.

TFortis PSW-2G4F-Ex switch are made in an explosion-proof enclosure with Explosion-proof label 1ExdIIBT6 + H2/1Ex d IIB + H2 Tb Gb that in terms of casing corresponds to explosion-proof electrical equipment.

Dust and moisture protection casing IP66.
Operating temperature range from -55°C to +40°C (-67°F to 104°F) allow to use explosion-proof switches both indoors and outdoors.

Built-in optical distribution frame excludes the use of additional external cabinets and makes it possible to cut the optical cable directly into the switch.

The built-in distribution unit distributes 220V power to heat the thermal housings and allows power to be supplied to the next switch.

Power supply of IP-cameras via PoE from the switch allows to get rid of additional power supplies and wires.

Automatic restart of IP cameras effectively deals with their hanging.

Built-in Lightning protection on ports and 220V power supply protects equipment from high voltage surges.



TFortis PSW-2G4F-Ex Managed Explosion-Proof Switch


TFortis PSW-Ex


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