I-KeyBox 8

I-KeyBox 8

Product Description:

  • Only authorized users can get the key
  • Track key usage does not view the key information through the attendance book, you can easily print out the key usage reports.
  • Key can be issued by phone, IPD and other authorized remote tools.
  • Without management and supervision, 24 hours keys can be extract any time.
  • Reduce risk and strength the implementation, without permission or competent person must not touch the property of the company.
  • Improve work efficiency, reduce production costs because we can quickly find the keys of people.
  • Keys missing to facilitate search
  • Take to achieve key / remote control information further inquiries.
  • Reducing property damage accidents, saving the cost of production in the premise of increasing management



Model : I-KeyBox-8
Size : 641 x 200 x 3100mm
Key management : 1-8
Weight : 17kg
Volume : 0.0084 cubic
Communication : TCP/IP