Hidden Lamp Sensor

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  • Forteza-Fonar

    The sensors are intended for the protection of administrative buildings, park territories, villas and other objects with high requirements for the territory appearance or secrecy of the alarm system.

    The principle of operation is similar to all Bistatic sensors – generation of an invisible volumetric detection zone between the transmitter and the receiver located in the housing of FORTEZA-FONAR. When the intruder is crossing the detection zone, the receiver registers its alteration and generates the alarm.

    The sensors function as the alarm devices and decorative lamp. The lights can be switched on or off automatically or manually.

    The housing of one sensor can contain one or two receivers (or transmitters). Like this we decrease the number of devices on theterritory and mounting works.

    Several frequency letters of the sensors allow for the sensors to operate near each other.

    At the order FORTEZA-FONAR are available with:

    • radio channel alarm transmission;
    • monostatic microwave sensor with linear-frequency modulation.
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