TFortis CrossBox-1


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  • TFortis CrossBox-1

    TFortis CrossBox-1– a compact outdoor cabinet adapted for TFortis PSW switches.

    Despite the fact that TFortis PSW switches have weatherproof design, they are convenient to place in cabinets for several reasons: Firstly, additional equipment can be installed inside the cabinet (breakers, electricity meters, etc.). Secondly, the metal shell provides anti-vandal resistance to the entire assembly. Thirdly, the electronics is hidden from prying eyes, what in some cases the customer requires.

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  • TFortis CrossBox-2

    TFortis CrossBox-2 is an outdoor cabinet IP54 adapted for TFortis PSW switches. Cabinet dimensions 500x400x220 mm. There is Optical Distribution Frame installed inside the cabinet that has mounting hardware for TFortis PSW switch. Splice-cassette is designed for 32 shrinkable plastic sleeves. It is allowed to install splice-cassettes in several levels. ODF front panel for 8 adapters with SC socket. Inside the cabinet there is a DIN-rail for installation of switches, metering devices and other equipment.

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  • TFortis CrossBox-3

    TFortis CrossBox-3 a IP54 outdoor cabinet for the organization of outdoor video surveillance nodes. Cabinet includes: Optical Distribution Frame, DIN-rail, mounting plate adapted for installation of TFortis PSW switches.

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