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  • ESP-02

    • Surge Protection Attack Time : 1ns
    • Max Surge Current : 4KV
    • Weight : .6g

    -Performs a different function than grounding requirements.
    -Protects equipment from high voltage surges from nearby lightning strikes.
    -Wide range of applications :CCTV/SMATV system, video camera, monitors, multiplexers & Quad Processor.

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  • TP-­Q3

    The TP-Q3 is especially designed to use in elevator against noise and interference. They are very good elevator video surveillance solution.

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  • TP-­Q2

    TP-Q2 is passive video balun that allows CCTV video signal to be
    transmitted via cost-effective Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable to a
    long distance. A mini coaxial cable lead fits neatly with output terminal of
    CCTV cameras.

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  • TP-­I2

    TP2 is especially designed to reduce “Ground Loop Interference” with
    CCTV signals and can easily be installed in a new or existing system.

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  • EVD-­1-3

    • Available transmission distance
      RG59 Coaxial Cable, about 1000m
      RG6 Coaxial Cable, about 2000m
      RG11 Coaxial Cable, about 3000m
    • Low frequency exaltation >20db ,serial adjustment high frequency exaltation:
      4.0Mhz >36db,5.8Mhz>40db, compensation slope and scope adjustment in serial
    • S/N>65db (Unweighted) >73db (Weighted)
    • Input signal dynamic range >2V
    • Compensation application at end of cable, installed near displaying devices in control room
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  • EOC-EP01

    EOC-EP01 can transmit the HD IP video and power signal simultaneously
    via a single coaxial cable. The maximum distance can be up to 250 meters
    (RG11) and it supports full-duplex 100Mbps. EOC-EP01 consists of one
    transmi=er side (Close to the remote IP camera) and one receiver side
    (Close to the local NVR).


    • Utilizes traditional coaxial cable, save project cost.
    • Fully transparent 100BaseT full duplex and adaptive.
    • Support full-duplex 100Mbps, maximum distance up to 250m.
    • Support SD/ HD IP camera and provide PoE power supply.
    • Built-in ESD protection circuitry, effectively prevent electrostatic damage
    • The power is input from the receiver side through the coaxial cable using PoC (power on cable)
    technology to supply power for IP camera and transmitter. Power input and output supports PoE
    power supply.

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  • EKB-100

    • Support PELCO matrix
    • Support 4 keyboards linkage, each keyboard can support 32 domes at most
    • According to ergonomics design, it is used expediently and comfortably
    • LED with back-light, a display command menu, protocol, current camera ID, output display ID
    and joystick status
    • Three axis joystick can control the speed of pan/tilt and lens magnification
    • Built-in multi-protocol, Baud rate can be selectable
    • Support all the shortcut key of the dome to handle

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  • EAM-01

    • Add on audio box for all cameras that require an audio function
    • High sensitivity microphone with 45cm audio cable
    • Easy to install and ideal for all security surveillance needs
    • DC12V power operation

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  • PSE101

    Full IEEE 802.3af /at Compliant
    • Up to 30W of Power on 2-pairs
    • Auto-detect of POE IEEE 802.3af equipment
    • Supports 10/100/1000Base-T applications
    • LED indicators power input indication
    • Internal AC/DC converter – no need for external power brick
    • Easy plug-and-play installation
    • Surge protection

    PSE101 is a single port Mid-spans offer a compact and cost effective, fully
    IEEE 802.3af compliant solution for remote powering of wireless LAN (WAN)
    access points, IP Security cameras, VoIP telephone and other low port density
    PSE101 PoE Mid-spans eliminate the need for external power supply and
    its associated AC/DC power cabling, providing a compact, affordable, safe and
    reliable power solution over existing Ethernet infrastructure.

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  • ESP-POE01


    ESP-POE01 is widely used in protecting the
    devices which support POE power supply.
    It supports the IEEE 802.3af standard power supply
    network equipments such as IP cameras, POE injector,
    POE switches etc.

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    • Compatible with IEEE802.3af
    • Extends range of PoE & Ethernet for additional 100 meters
    • No additional power supply is required
    • Wall-Mountable design
    • Easy plug-and-play installation

    Ethernet & PoE connections both restrict cable distances to 100 meters between
    network ports. By simply connect EP-POE-EX PoE Extender with Cat-5e or Cat-6 cable.
    Any devices can be installed at more than 100 meters from one to another.
    Passive PoE Extender does not require any additional power supply . To simplifies
    installation. PoE Extender offer automated configured of link speed, duplex and
    cross-over and full-rate network throughput is maintain.

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  • EP-DSL

    ◆ Long distance transmission as far as 3,000m.
    ◆ Max transmission rate reach 148Mbps,1,200m can reach 30Mbps
    ◆ Easy installation, CAT5, telephone or coaxial cable are available
    ◆ Communication rate adaptive, no need to adjust
    ◆ Excellent real-time function, strong anti

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