Industrial e-Keybox

Key Management System

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  • Industrial e-Keybox

    Intelligent Key Management System

    ✔  Intelligent management system

    ✔  Automatically generate records of pick-up


    ✔  Authority settings, safe and reliable

    • Key positions: 8, 24, 32, 48, 64, 100, 159, 200
    • Unlocking: Face Recognation, RFID tag, PIN code
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  • e-KeyBox A15

    e-Keybox A15 is an electro-mechanic key management system, that
    provides easy plug and play solution to users, which saves the hassle of having to follow the interminable instructions for the installation.

    Key positions:15

    Unlocking: Fingerprint, RFID tag, PIN code

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  • e-KeyBox 25

    • New designed cabinet

      26 KeySlots

      7′ Touchscreen

    • Fashional Appearance Design

      Curved edges, simple outline

      Ingenuity from outside to inside


    • Multiple access methods

      Face Recognition,Fingerprint, RFID card,Password

      Emergency opening

    • Smart security detection

      Full detection of door lock status

      Abnormal alarm

    • Cloud management

      Remotely control

      In time status checking of the keys

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